Monday Menagerie, October 3rd Edition - Breaking The Wheel
In “Monday Menagerie” I share the most interesting articles I’ve seen around the interwebnets. This week: why diversity leads to better decision making, 9 rules for building a successful business, and the value of improving the quality, not quantity, or your working hours. Diverse Teams Feel Less Comfortable — and That’s Why They Perform Better by David Rock, Heidi Grant Halvorson, and Jacqui Grey ” There’s a common bias that psychologists call the fluency heuristic: We prefer information that is processed more easily, or fluently, judging it to be truer or more beautiful. The effect partially explains that we gain greater appreciation of songs or paintings when they become familiar because they’re more easily processed…the information becomes more familiar without much effort, and so they feel that they’re learning. But in a 2011 study students performed better on a test after studying the text once and then trying to recall as much as they could, a strenuous[...]