Monday Menagerie, October 17th Edition - Breaking The Wheel
In “Monday Menagerie” posts, I share the most interesting articles I’ve stumbled across in my roamings around the ol’ series of tubes. This week, the science backed reason negative people are killing you (literally), why engineers HATE open floor plans, and how an editor at the Atlantic keeps his email inbox at zero. “Science: The Negative People in Your Life Are Literally Killing You” by Jessica Stillman “We all know that hanging around complainers causes people to catch their negativity. Bitching, moaning, and general drama are contagious. But that’s apparently not the only problems you can catch if you spend too much time with the eternally pessimistic — you might also pick up a host of health problems too. Negativity has been conclusively shown to rewire your brain, making it easier to see the bad in the world and harder to see the good. (The opposite is also true —[...]