What Makes This Game Tick?: Prioritizing Development Using Critical Mechanics - Breaking The Wheel
One of the hardest aspects of managing game development is prioritization. And nowhere is prioritization more difficult than in the earliest days of a project. If you don’t know what your game is, how the hell are you supposed to prioritize the work? I’ve struggled with this problem in the past and eventually ended up stealing a solution from the start-up world in the form of something I like to call “critical mechanics.” By Reading This Post, You’ll Learn: What a “critical mechanic” is How to identify critical mechanics How to use critical mechanics to prioritize work Think Lean: The Origin of “Critical Mechanics” I’ve spend no small amount of time talking with entrepreneurs and reading their thoughts. Effective serial-entrepreneurs tend to be really good at one specific skill: gathering feedback quickly. There are lots of routes to achieve this. The business model canvas. The minimum viable product. The minimum[...]