Guest Posting Like A Mofo: Volume I - Breaking The Wheel
I’ve been busy guest posting over the last few weeks. And rather than quickly pinch off a lackluster post for this site just for the sake of posting, I’m instead going to talk about what I’ve been up to, and where you can find it. Negotiations for Game Devs: A Practical Guide, Part 1 Hosted by my new friends at, “Negotiations for Game Devs” covers some fundamental aspects of negotiations. I introduce some basic misconceptions about negotiations, the common pitfalls of deal making, and differentiate between integrative and distributive negotiations. From there, I walk through some fundamental terms of art: BATNA, reservation price, target price, zone of agreement, negative bargaining zones, and contingent contracts. Four Steps to an Effective Negotiation: Negotiations for Game Devs, Part 2 Part 2 of “Negotiations for Game Devs” (also hosted at builds on the fundamentals from Part 1, and provides a script for[...]