Business School Mini-Lesson: What Is A Synergy? - Breaking The Wheel
In this post, I tackle one of the most maligned – but, ultimately, vital – terms in business strategy: the infamous synergy. It’s an awful, awful, AWFUL word. But understanding what a synergy is and how to leverage it is crucial. Yes, Synergy Really Is a Thing What is a synergy? It’s a neologism for saying that something is more than the sum of it’s parts. The best analogy I can give is that a synergy is like a really well balanced party in an RPG or a well balanced team in Overwatch or Battlefield. Think of the original Final Fantasy. You start making a party and toss in a fighter first. If you just have a one man party, the fighter’s ability to handle certain contingencies – such as monsters resistant to physical attacks or enemies that dole out status effects – will be severely compromised. You can compensate[...]