A Comprehensive Guide to Indie Game Pre-Launch Campaigns - Breaking The Wheel
In a day and age where new titles hit the market on a daily basis, being able to stand out from the crowd is super important. In 2016, 4,207 games launched on Steam. Steam doesn’t let you launch games on weekends, so that’s approximately 16 games per day. How do you differentiate yourself from the 15 other games launching at the same time as yours? Note from Justin: The following is a guest post from Jennifer Mendez of Black Shell Media. The folks at Black Shell are friends and comrades of Breaking the Wheel. So when co-founder Raghav Mathur asked if I’d be up for hosting this, I jumped at the chance. There’s a lot of useful, actionable material for anyone looking to kick off an indie marketing campaign, so dig in! One step in the right direction is having a solid pre-launch marketing campaign to drum up some hype[...]