5 Vital Business Principles in the Form of Pithy Quotes - Breaking The Wheel
I. Love. Aphorisms. Sure some are pure hogwash. But the really good ones convey a lot of truth in a small space. In this post, I gathered 5 of my favorite quotes, and explain how they relate to effective management. Featured Image: Marie Curie driving a mobile x-ray vehicle. Source: Public Domain, 1. “For there is nothing good or bad, but thinking makes it so” -Hamlet, from the play of the same name, Act 2, Scene 2 One of the easiest management traps to fall into is the notion that choices are good or bad. Sure, you can certainly find good/bad dynamics – making money is good, losing money is bad. But most decisions are not absolutes, they only take on the severity of a good/bad dynamic because we assign that dynamic to them. Most decisions are about trade-offs, not binary outcomes. Speed or accuracy? Accuracy or precision? Precision[...]