New Moon in Virgo and cosmic reflections | Brandi Amara Skyy
i've always been the kind of person who has to retreat into themselves, into their art for periods of time. This week has been one of those (although i feel like the entire month of August has been that way). Reclusive. Reevaluating. Realigning. Redefining. Something that you may not know about me is that i LOVE astrology & the night sky. My father used to take me outside and point out the constellations. We'd watch Hailey's Comet through his telescope and my love of astronomy turned into a lifelong love affair with astrology and the moon. This week i've been hunched over all my astrology books saying goodbye to what i planted under the Leo new moon and hello to the energy of today's Virgo new moon. i am a firm believer that our birth chart is the biggest self-development book, tool, guru we all already own. Looking at my chart i saw how everything i've been feeling these last few weeks is aligned with what's happening in the sky. This new