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Cash Forecaster Software UPGRADE - NOTE: 50% OFF the listed price above where you've already purchased Cash Forecaster and have an order number.If you've already purchased our cash flow forecasting software, Cash Forecaster, you can get the latest version here.The price for the upgrade is shown as the full price of the software.Please contact us either on the 'Contact Us' page or by email to and include your order number, we will send you a discount coupon to get the upgrade at 50% of the listed price.Do you have a request for an upgrade?We are constantly looking at ways to improve and develop all our software.Many of the upgrades and ideas to change our software, including Cash Forecaster, comes from customer requests.If you have an idea to improve the software, which will not only benefit you, but others too, please let us know.To let us know please contact us either on the 'Contact Us' page or by email to We look forward to your ideas.