WHITES 11 | 2015 - BODIE and FOU
And just like that, a crappy day turns into a wonderful one… The weather is really beautiful in France but I got up feeling down by the perspective of flying back to London tonight and leave Steve and Mila behind. I should be used to it by now, I have been travelling between London and Bordeaux quite a few times this year but nope! It really doesn’t get easier and I can’t wait for this school year to be over and us to be together again. On the plus side, I just found out that the French Air traffic controllers are on strike and my flight has been cancelled which means that I get to spend 4 more days with my little family and that, my friends, has cheered me up big time! //1. Yaya | 2. The White Company | 3. Via | 4. linen t-shirt from Hush More to see...WHITES 12 | 2015WHITES 05 | 2014WHITES 03 | 2014WHITES 09 | 2014WHITES 07 | 2014