Decorating with old paintings - BODIE and FOU
I like the idea of decorating a modern home with an old painting…I grew up in a cluttered home, which is probably why I’m going the opposite and go for clean-looking, relaxed interiors but I love the idea of adding a bit of history into a modern home and mostly let the painting breathe rather than being lost in clutter. What do you think? I’m SO loving this Philippe Starck’s Master chair below If you don’t have any family heirlooms to dust off, you can find some old paintings on ebay. Anthropologie has also some great pieces to decorate your walls. // 1. via | 2. via | 3. Nuevo Estilo | 4. From Emily Chalmers book: Modern Vintage Style | 5. | 6. Via More to see...Industrial stairs in ParisPretty & soothing pink accents for your homeA feel-good, family home in Biarritz, FranceJacqueline Morabito’s inspiring home officeA feel-good family home in Bristol