Less is more - BODIE and FOU
I torn this page from an old Elle Deco ages ago and put it on my bedroom wall next to our linen curtains ages ago. I love it. I don’t know…there is something very calming about this image of these old boots, neatly organized against the wall. They look simple, they are just shoes and yet I think it is a beautiful image. I also love the courier typeface used…everything works very well here. It’s simple things like these that inspire me. I have another shot on my mood board at work with a quote from Flaubert that says: “Be regular and orderly in your life, so that you may be violent and original in your work” And for me, that summarizes my creative process…I need order, I need whites at home to then take my mind onto more colourful places. See you tomorrow More to see...My home in LondonBack from ParisInspiring monochrome gallery wallDon’t you think social media made you more creative?My first photo exhibition (bucket list #15)