Co Housing Community Information Evening | Bodhi Tree Bookstore Cafe
There is increasing recognition that living in community can be a better, healthier option. Combating loneliness and the opportunity to share resources are among the benefits mentioned frequently. Cohousing - Living the Dream is an opportunity to learn more from Eugenie about cohousing, case studies, stories from residents and what it takes to get projects built. Other speakers are Melissa who will share about her research into Spreefeld, a cohousing project in Berlin, and for those keen to get involved in a project here, we've invited two 'burning souls' to share their dream. Cohousing is redefining the American Dream. Can it also redefine the Australian one? What will it take to build a cohousing community here?About Eugenie / Green Fabric - Green Fabric promotes, facilitates and develops sustainable community-led developments. Eugenie, founder of Green Fabric and CEO of Co-operation Housing, recently spoke at the Cohousing conference in Portland Oregon and connected with fellow professionals and residents to discuss and learn more about what it takes to build it, live it and sustain it. Eugenie is the Australian affiliate of the 500 Communities Program, an initiative by cohousing guru Katie McCamant from Cohousing Solutions. Katie was instrumental in bringing cohousing to the US and establishing dozens of communities. Through the program she is sharing her knowledge and expertise, and working with cohousing entrepreneurs worldwide to built the communities of the future.