Effects of releasing balloons into the worl | BLOG Certified
By Allen Senchesak Balloons are fun. Kids love them. But when you plan your next big celebration, you may want to ditch them. A new report from the Detroit Free Press says the effects of releasing balloons into the world can hurt both the environment and local wildlife. According to the report, volunteers for the Alliance for the Great Lakes removed between 4,400 and 7,200 balloons and balloon debris from their annual cleanup campaigns over the last three years. This means that from 2016 until now, the volunteers have cleared the Great Lake Shoreline of more than 18,000 balloons and balloon-debris that were strewn about the place — and that's just items on the shore. "Once the balloons have lost their air, they can fall into streams, rivers and the ocean, becoming choking hazards for animals like birds, fish, and turtles," Dr. Rosanne Martyr-Koller, a former research scientist at the University of California, Berkeley told Parentology. Martyr-Koller notes that balloons also pose a