Clownfish offspring getting extinct as arti | BLOG Certified
By Allen Senchesak The popular story about a clownfish that got lost at sea in the movie Finding Nemo could have a much darker sequel—as artificial light in coral reefs leaves the famous fish unable to reproduce offspring, according to a new study. Results from a new study published in Biology Letters show an increasing amount of artificial light at night (ALAN) in coral reefs, even at relatively low levels, masks natural cues which trigger clownfish eggs to hatch after dusk. Lead author Dr. Emily Fobert, Research Associate in biodiversity and conservation at Flinders University, says test eggs that were incubated in the presence of artificial light had a zero success rate of hatching, with no offspring surviving as a result. "The overwhelming finding is that artificial light pollution can have a devastating effect on reproductive success of coral reef fish," says Dr. Fobert "When ALAN is present, no eggs hatched but when the light was removed during the recovery period, eggs from the