Compostable Plastic and Other Tips for a G | BLOG Certified
If each and every household does its bit for a greener environment, the world would have to deal with less CO2 emissions and we would leave behind a healthier planet for our children. Haultail is committed to do its bit for the environment, and the bags that we use are a prime example of our commitment. Haultail offers a range of sturdy and eco-friendly packaging to go along with its pick up and delivery services. Call us for safe and regular disposals of waste and debris. Download the Haultail app today. Recycling is but one answer to the amount of waste generated, and it is not a very effective answer at that. We need to do more, and the biggest way in which we can contribute is to reuse. Do you know that it takes 20 times more energy to manufacture an aluminum can from fresh metal as compared to a can made from recycled aluminum? Avoid single-use plastic to the extent possible. Rinse tins and bottles and reuse. Use cotton bags. Even jute is a great alternative. Jute bags are very