A new study calls for the planting of many | BLOG Certified
By Ron C "You have failed us all so terribly," a 15-year-old Australian climate activist said in a speech earlier this year, addressing her comments to the world's political leaders. "We deserve better. Young people can't even vote but will have to live with the consequences of your inaction for decades." True enough, but what action or actions should be taken? That question has vexed even many of the most ardent climate-change activists. New research has now offered one answer: We should plant trees. Lots of them. Trees absorb carbon-dioxide emissions, which means they're a valuable tool in the drive to prevent the continued rise in global temperatures. The scientists behind the new research, laid out in the academic paper "The Global Tree Restoration Potential," utilized satellite images and soil and climate data to determine tree cover and available land that could support forests. They concluded that a worldwide tree-planting endeavor covering 11 percent of the Earth's land