Steps to cut cost when online grocery shopp | BLOG Certified
By Jessica D With many grocery stores and companies offering online shopping these days -- and many even offering free or inexpensive delivery -- it can make a lot of sense to shop for groceries online. Popular online grocery shopping and grocery delivery services include Amazon, FreshDirect and Instacart. Your local grocery store chain may also offer its own online ordering and pickup or delivery systems. This shopping strategy opens up a number of new possibilities for saving money on groceries. Here are some good tips for taking advantage of this new era in grocery shopping: -- Start with a meal plan. -- Make a grocery list. -- Check your household supplies. -- Stick to your grocery list. -- When buying nonperishables, always buy at the cheapest cost per use. -- For nonperishables, shop around at stores that offer cheap or free shipping. -- Only subscribe to buy items you're confident you'll use. Read on for more information about save money when online grocery shopping. Start With