More than 1,000 sharks and rays tangled in | BLOG Certified
By Allen Senchesak Scientists at the University of Exeter have turned to Twitter for a better picture of the effect ocean plastics are having on sharks and rays. The scientists looked for Twitter reports of sightings of sharks and rays entangled in plastic as well as similar incidents reported in other scientific research. Summing these reports, they identified more than 1,000 individual sharks and rays seen entangled in ocean waste. A university press release says the total number of entangled individuals to date "is likely to be far higher" as, clearly, reliance on social media reports will never lead to a comprehensive figure, even when combined with formal studies. To date, the research into plastic entanglement of sharks and rays has been far from comprehensive. However, the scientists point out that entanglements probably aren't an existential threat to shark and ray species. By contrast, commercial fishing poses a much greater threat, whether caught deliberately or