Lives are being shortened by Air pollution | BLOG Certified
By Ron C Air pollution could shorten a child's life by up to seven months, a study on one of the largest UK cities has suggested. An eight-year-old child born in 2011 may die between two to seven months early if exposed over their lifetime to projected future pollution concentrations, Kings College London researchers studying Birmingham have found. It is the first time new government guidance on "mortality burdens" of air pollution has been applied in practice in a large city area. Costs The study looked at the combined impact of two pollutants - particulate matter and nitrogen dioxide - two of the leading causes of poor health from air pollution. It looked at the effect of air pollution on deaths and loss of life-expectancy but did not include non-fatal health conditions such as asthma. The impact was considered to be worse than some other major cities in the UK - with the report finding a higher loss of life expectancy in Birmingham than Manchester. It calculated the annual health