180 Countries Sign U.N Accord to Fight Plas | BLOG Certified
In May 2019, 180 countries, not including the U.S, signed a UN accord to curb the export of plastic waste to poorer nations. Eight million tons of this waste reaches the oceans and causes incalculable damage to our marine environment. The accord is a legally-binding framework that updates the 1989 Basel Convention for regulating disposal of hazardous wastes. Rolph Payet, Executive Secretary of the UN Environment Programme (UNEP), said "I'm proud that this week in Geneva, Parties to the Basel Convention have reached agreement on a legally-binding, globally-reaching mechanism for managing plastic waste." The crucial development here is that it empowers developing nations to say no to plastic waste that otherwise would be shipped to their country. Developed nations like the U.S have been exporting toxic chemical waste to developing countries in Asia where it is recycled, often in dangerous conditions for the workers and with long-term environmental damage to the soil, air, and water of