Oil companies double down on plastics as pu | BLOG Certified
By Christopher Thompson The oil and gas industry is ramping up petrochemicals — building blocks of plastics —right as the global outcry intensifies over plastic waste. The big picture: Most people associate oil companies' products mainly with gasoline. But they also generate plastics that are interwoven into all facets of our lives. This durable material is, more and more, leaving waste virtually everywhere on Earth. Where it stands: China, which had imported around 70% of the world's plastic waste, has nearly banned all such imports since last year. That move, combined with horrific images of plastic waste circulating social media, has catapulted the world's plastic problems to the front of people's minds and politicians' priorities. Increasing government restrictions and mandates — plus the industry's own response of better recycling — could cut plastic demand growth. America is leading a worldwide petrochemical buildout, because its plentiful oil and gas supplies have produced