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By Christopher Thompson 1. Your coffee cup probably isn't recyclable Items composed of different kinds of materials present a big challenge for recyclers. The billions of single-use coffee cups discarded each year are a classic example: a thin, plastic coating inside the cup may prevent leakage, but it's extremely difficult to separate it from the paper cup itself. That means the cups can't be recycled as paper, nor can they be recycled as plastic. Their ultimate destination is usually the landfill. Coffee cup lids don't fare much better – due to the low quality of the plastic, they aren't particularly attractive to buyers of secondhand plastic, and in any event they tend to fragment into small, unusable pieces. Some curbside programs recommend putting them straight in the trash bin. The best solution is to get your own reusable coffee cup. 2. Toothpaste tubes need special treatment Clean teeth, yes. Clean planet, questionable. Toothpaste tubes are another troubling composite: while