7 easy ways to reduce your use of plastics | BLOG Certified
By Ryan Johnson Whether they're clogging our oceans or causing harm to sea creatures, the use and creation of plastics has quickly become a crushing and widespread problem across the planet. Plastics have become an almost unnoticed part of our daily lives, from the food we eat, the transportation we take and the products we buy, and the overwhelming saturation of the material can feel impossible to deal with at times. Though it's important to deal with these changes on a high level, we rounded up some simple ways you can reduce your plastic use. Reflect on where you use plastics most. Before deciding which part of your plastic routine to tackle first, Carolynn Box, science programs director for the plastic pollution non-profit 5 Gyres, told INSIDER that it is important for individuals to self-reflect on where they use plastics most. "I always encourage people to assess their 'plastic footprint' to identify where they use the most plastic," said Box. "Most of the time, the