Trudeau's 'plastic ban' won't help the envi | BLOG Certified
By Ryan Johnson Opinion: Alternatives have a significantly higher total impact on the environment, while inflating costs for consumers This week, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced his government will seek to ban many single-use plastics starting in 2021. Although the final list of banned items is still undetermined, it will likely include plastic bags, takeaway containers, cutlery and straws. To further justify the ban, Environment Minister Catherine McKenna cited images of marine wildlife being injured or killed as a result of plastic in our oceans. It's a hard-to-resist pitch. No one wants to contribute to marine deaths as a result of plastic, and most of us don't like the idea of plastic items taking over 1,000 years to decompose in landfills. These concerns ultimately stem from worries about climate change, and the environmental problems that could arise as a result. Unfortunately for the environmentally conscious among us, a ban on single-use plastics does almost nothing for