Free markets, not carbon taxes, will improv | BLOG Certified
By Ryan Johnson When the Sons of Liberty rioted in Boston Harbor over a small tax on their beloved tea, they surely had no idea what lay ahead for what would soon become the United States of America. Imagine if Sam Adams and his crew had known that nearly 250 years later, the nation's duly and constitutionally elected representatives — not distant kings, but public servants charged with defending their people's fundamental rights and freedoms — would seriously consider a tax on nearly everything we buy, eat, drink, wear, drive, use, and do. They might have taken off their Mohawk disguises, put down the tea casks and gone back home. But the carbon tax now being talked up in Congress would tax all of those things. The Founding Fathers also could hardly imagine the progress we've made. American life is safer, healthier, longer, and more prosperous than ever before. Electricity wasn't widespread or even fully understood until well after most of the Declaration of Independence signers had