Volcanic Study Reveals Truth about Environm | BLOG Certified
By Ryan Johnson Hundreds of volcanoes exist in the United States. Most are considered dormant and haven't erupted for more than 10,000 years. That doesn't mean that they can't or won't. Dr. Gary Michelfelder, assistant professor in the department of geography, geology and planning at Missouri State University, says that though you may not know it, volcanoes affect our lives every day. "Large volcanic eruptions in Indonesia put sulfur gasses or ash into the atmosphere that can change the climate," he said. "When we see a large eruption, people tend to forget that it can have global consequences. It can even change agricultural yields, like how much corn is being produced in the Midwest." Michelfelder is interested in how the Earth's crust formed, as well as how volcanoes played a role in the formation of the oceanic crust. He studies this is by looking at the magma that's below the surface. He also investigates the triggers of volcanic eruptions. Studying volcanoes and magma is like