Exclusive Adidas's radical new shoe could | BLOG Certified
Futurecraft Loop is an experiment in the circular economy. For Adidas, it could be the beginning of a major shift in how it does business. When it catches the light, the all-white shoe shimmers like a radioactive marshmallow. I know it will never look this pristine again. Not just because it will get inevitably dirty, as all shoes do. But because this shoe will one day be recycled into a new shoe that, somewhere in its weave, will sport evidence of its past life: dirt, grass stains, and even the natural yellowing of time. This is Adidas Futurecraft Loop. It's the first performance running shoe–and one of the first consumer products in general–designed for a circular life cycle. "When you wear out this product, you give it back to us. And we recycle it," says Tanyaradzwa Sahanga, materials engineer at Adidas. "We can take that recycled output, those ground bits of shoe, and put them into new shoes again." The Loop process isn't 1:1 yet. One old shoe does ot literally create one new