McDonald's plastic straw petition: Call to | BLOG Certified
McDonald's is being called on to stop its roll out of paper straws in the UK and Ireland, amid claims that they "dissolve" in drinks. The fast food giant is switching from plastic to paper straws at their 1,361 restaurants after customer pressure. An online petition calling for a return to plastic straws has so far garnered more than 35,000 signatures. McDonald's say they are "doing the right thing" while a supplier said customers need to "compromise". The restaurant chain supplies 1.8 million straws to its four million UK customers each day. Petition creator Martin Reed started it a week ago, complaining the new paper straws dissolve as you drink them. Many social media users agree, with some claiming paper straws are "horrible" while one says it is like "drinking a milkshake through an empty toilet roll tube". Others have defended McDonald's decision, saying "be thankful none of those straws will be left to destroy our planet for the next 400 odd years". Another petition calling for