Don't trust the environmental hype about e | BLOG Certified
With electric cars back in the headlines, it's time to remember why we should bother making the transition away from oil. In our recent research looking at attitudes towards electric vehicle uptake, we pointed to some of the factors making the case for change. We need to remind ourselves that burning oil, a finite resource, to energise motor vehicles will not only cost the environment, but also the economy. A critical factor is carbon emissions. The transport sector is the fastest growing contributor of greenhouse gases. The transport sector contributes some 18% of Australia's total greenhouse gas pollution and Australia is ranked second worst in an international scorecard for transport energy efficiency. But even if you don't believe this is an urgent issue, there are plenty of economic reasons to change our gas-guzzling habits. A matter of money In just one year (2017-18), Australia's imports of refined petroleum cost A$21.7 billion. Crude petroleum cost us a further A$11.7