Your Work Is the Only Thing That Matters | BLOG Certified
There is a story about an exchange between Jerry Seinfeld and a young comedian. The comedian approaches Seinfeld in a club one night and asks him for advice about marketing and getting exposure. Exposure? Marketing? Seinfeld asks. Just work on your act. Seinfeld, a pure stand-up, a comedian's comedian, is appalled by the question. It's offensive to his legendary heads-down work ethic. But to the kid, this was a surprise. Isn't that the kind of question you're supposed to ask? Isn't that how you get ahead? He's not alone. Certainly, I myself wasted many chances to learn about how to improve my craft by instead asking people I admire for superficial hacks and career opportunities. I see the same mistake repeated in subreddits and forums and blogs and Facebook groups that (aspiring) creative professionals — writers, designers, startup founders — use as networking vehicles and support systems. If Seinfeld ever saw them, he'd cringe at every word. Because these often closed groups are self