London-based Project Uses Microsoft Archite | BLOG Certified
On Dec. 19, the London-based company Stratis revealed to the public its project that includes sidechains, smart contracts, an ICO and STO platform, and distributed ledger technology (DLT), which simplifies transaction processing. The technology leverages the recently released Stratis C# Full Node, the company's innovative software, whose codebase is built on the Microsoft .NET Core architecture. The service is aimed to make blockchain solutions mainstream, as developers can use existing languages in the familiar and well-populated ecosystem .NET Stratis recently became a member of the Microsoft Partnership Network, with silver competency as an ISV. The platform is written in the C# programming language, as the company reports on its blog. Over 34 percent of all professional developers are already using this language, according to a survey by Stack Overflow in 2018. "Our recent deliveries of smart contracts and sidechains are very innovative, I believe we're the first platform to have