Countdown to Christmas: Your step-by-step | BLOG Certified
Now that Halloween and Guy Fawkes Day are well and truly over, it's time for Christmas to shine. Our bodies couldn't be more ready for mulled wine, cheese platters and plenty of partying, but as we've learnt from previous years, it's a marathon, not a sprint. And the key to surviving the silly season (other than getting your Secret Santa present sorted early) is to create a beauty timeline that leaves you prepped and prime for the best of times, as the most festive and fantastic version of yourself. Here's our step-by-step guide to slay the Christmas season... P.s. To be completed before your calendar becomes more crammed than a Christmas turkey tush. One month before: Body scrub/massage Prior to your entire bank account being dedicated to last minute gifts and festive outfit shopping, treat yourself to a top-to-toe body scrub. Slough off all the dry skin that's accumulated thanks to early onset winter, and get your blood flowing and lymph nodes draining as they should. You'll feel