The Design thinking space in a Startup | BLOG Certified
Creativity is a gift, mastering it and being able to channel it productively is a discipline. As an experience designer, I bring sensitivity and empathy to the work space while factoring the value proposition for the business. Working in a startup has created an opportunity for my ideologies to be challenged, always striving to ensure design principles remain relevant and practical within the business objective. There are insights that have stood out over the period I have worked in startup that could help a new entry design stay afloat and build a case for design thinking. Startups are a great space to work in if you are looking to grow your skills and experience beyond what you'd assume to be your job description as you'll often find yourself working on assignments not in relation to your profession. These setups allow you to stretch your tentacles beyond the imaginary dotted lines of ones confides. For a UX/UI designer working in a startup for the first time, you will fast realise