Food Can Bring Satisfaction, Or Colonizatio | BLOG Certified
While the food lover in me appreciates the influx of new restaurants, I am keenly aware of how these restaurants contribute to shifts in my neighborhood, specifically the displacement of Black communities. Food is undoubtedly one of the most important things in my life. Aside from the fact that I am human and my survival depends on it, in some of my most profound memories I am surrounded by food ⎼ Thanksgiving dinners with both the traditional turkey and jollof rice; large, roundtable dim sum meals with college friends; or passionate family arguments over moussaka and horiatiki salad. Food is a powerful tool; it satisfies needs, cultivates experiences, and is most often shared with others. I was born and raised in Portland, Oregon, the City of Roses and… food carts (not trademarked, yet true). By the time I was old enough to start "going out" with friends, the thing to do was find the new, up-and-coming food spot. We would go to the known "hip" areas, like the Alberta Arts District,