Two Things You Should Focus On Instead | BLOG Certified
By John V.M Two Things You Should Focus On Instead of Social Media If you want to be successful. Every Monday and Wednesday, I pay a guy to push my heart rate into the stratosphere and turn my muscles into mush. His name is Tyler, and he's my personal trainer. For years, I worked out on my own. Haphazardly. I'd run a bit here, lift some weights there. I seldom warmed up and frequently forgot to stretch. Afterwards, I'd come home and reward myself with a beer. When I was younger, this exercise approach basically worked. I built some muscle and stamina. However, as I aged, injuries started to mount. My shoulders became stiff. I gave myself tennis elbow from too many curls. Last year, I finally bit the bullet and coughed up some dough for a twice- weekly trainer. That's where Tyler comes in. He went over my entire health history, injuries and fitness goals. Then he measured my body fat, fashioned a training plan and we were off to the races. Now, every Monday and Wednesday, whether I want