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By Laura Desmond On Aug 29, 2018, Helsinki-based SOMA announced about receiving Round -1 funding worth €50,000 from Business Finland, which is a public funding agency within the Finnish Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment. As per the norms, SOMA is eligible in the future to gain funding up to €1 million in Round 2 and up to €20 million in Round 3. These days where the majority of governments are sceptical about blockchain projects, It made me wonder why the Finnish government got interested in this project. I thought it would be interesting to review and discover what SOMA is offering, which attracted funding from Business Finland. First up, give it all 50 claps, then dive in and enjoy! Introduction — The Problem Online shopping has arguably changed the way we shop and live. It helped people to buy new or used products from any part of the world from the comfort of own homes. As per the latest reports, the global E-commerce market is anticipated to reach USD 7,724.8 billion by