Testing is key for outdoor digital sigange | BLOG Certified
As kiosks and digital signage displays continue to transition from indoor to outdoor, hurdles emerge that need to be addressed before units can be installed without risking the need for a replacement due to insufficient or unreliable performance. A high bright commercial display cannot be used in an outdoor application without first understanding what environment the display can work in and what needs to be done in order to maintain the life of the display. All commercial displays are not made equal. There have been several attempts to make a kiosk or an enclosure protect a digital display, and in many cases these attempts have succeeded. But there have been many others that have failed. The failures are, without question, outdoor applications where the designer did not fully understand the limitations of the display and what needed to be done in order to help that display survive in harsh environments. Designers must understand how hot the inside of the kiosk or display housing will