Why Blockchain Will Enable a Virtual Real | BLOG Certified
Artificial Intelligence. Genetic Engineering. Autonomous Vehicles. Blockchain. Virtual Reality. The mere mention of these technologies is good enough to conjure utopian visions of a society so empowered by technology that our current problems vanish- at least in the minds of uninformed. Talk to the experts or critics and you may hear a different tale altogether. To the uninitiated, Blockchain is something akin to a universal panacea that will eliminate the destructive oversight of corporations in a puff of mystical "decentralization". On the other hand, informed insiders may instead tell you of the challenges of scaling Blockchains, the inefficiencies of decentralization, governance problems, and other issues which seem to put a damper on the vision of a world unencumbered by oligarchs and plutocrats. The truth probably is somewhere in the middle. Blockchain is one of a handful of technologies being developed that inspires this kind of fervor, and while it may not live up to