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By Millena Miller Cybersecurity is the latest of the non-traditional industries turning to apprenticeships to recruit talent While many employers now are grappling with the tight job market and historically low unemployment rate, one industry in particular is facing a severe hiring shortage. Cybersecurity companies have struggled to find enough good, qualified hires for decades and the situation is only getting worse: By 2020, the industry will have more than 1.5 million unfulfilled positions, according to Harvard Business Review. "We have a critical shortage of skilled cyber employees because everything we do is now connected to the Internet," says Leigh Armistead, president of Hampton, Virginia-based cybersecurity company Peregrine Technical Solutions. As a result, some cybersecurity companies are trying to groom the next crop of employees by borrowing a training tactic more common to blue-collar industries like construction and manufacturing: apprenticeships. Washington has been