Rise of the Brands | BLOG Certified
The Day the World Stood Still On 2nd April 1993, as consumerism became increasingly integrated with people's lives, the unthinkable happened: one of the world's first and foremost leaders in advertising and design bent down to price pressures and cut back on advertising. The company was Philip Morris, which had announced a 20% reduction in the price of its Marlboro-branded cigarettes to regain market share lost to lower-priced competitors. Experts believed that the millions of dollars spent on advertising, coupled with the addictive nature of Marlboro cigarettes, would make the Marlboro brand immune to price wars. However, the 2nd of April in 1993, now known as "Marlboro Friday", sent experts reeling in fear that advertising had lost all its value. It was posited that consumers no longer cared about brand names, but rather the value derived from commodities. However, this was proven wrong as branding campaigns intensified in the decades following Marlboro Friday. History Marlboro