A War-Torn Country in Syria Will Use Crypt | BLOG Certified
A region home to 4 million people in Northern Syria is looking to cryptocurrency as a way to overcome economic sanctions. Rojava, also known as the Democratic Federation of Northern Syria, has spent the last six years at war for its territory. Now under a fragile peace, the region is under economic sanctions from all sides – Turkey, Iran, Syria, Iraq. In the midst of this uncertainty, however, those backing the state are putting a new emphasis on monetary independence. Because its primary currency is the Syrian lira, the main currency of the Syrian state (which Rojava has just spent years fighting), there's a growing belief in some quarters that cryptocurrency could provide a better alternative, Erselan Serdem, a leader of Rojava's technological development program, told CoinDesk. Alongside a system of self-governing communes, Rojava plans to implement new technological academies, with a particular emphasis on cryptography and cryptocurrency, Serdem said. Assisting the change is Amir