Highlights of a design centered company  | BLOG Certified
Design thinking mindset and design sprints at your company- Part 1. Case 1: There is a grocery store in your backyard. The store is clean, the selection is wide and the prices are ok too. You could easily do your shopping there and it would be the most rational decision to make.. the cashier lady is nice too. But there is a security guard, who is pretty rude. He follows (sneaks after) the customers all the time with semi-harsh look on his face watching carefully what they put into their shopping cart. Actually, every security guard is a bit rude in the shop and they do not resemble any of the customer-centric values of the store. Although the security service might be outsourced to an external company, meeting them is the part of your offline shopping experience and will influence your decisions: You might rather do the shopping elsewhere. Case 2: Your internet provider seems to be a good company, the connection is stable most of the time, the prices are not too high, every time you