Why you should be doing design challenges | BLOG Certified
Design challenges help sharpen your UX skills, offer a chance to network with other designers and create unique solutions. Here's why you should do them Ever wondered how to solve world hunger? What about changing the face of western democracy? Maybe you've thought about ways to make paying a parking ticket as simple as a click. Designers are unique in that they can come up with solutions to these problems and then try to implement them. One way to get thinking about problems and their solutions is to take part in design challenges. In this post, Justinmind will dive into the what's what of design challenges. What makes them good and what makes them bad? We'll also give you a few pointers on getting started with your own design challenges, too. Shall we? What is a design challenge? A design challenge is a competition where an institution, company or person puts out a call for designers to solve a specific problem. Usually, these problems are related to society and require talented