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Product Launch Formula 2019 By Jeff Walker – Free Download Product Launch Formula is one of those courses well worth going through at least once a year, especially as part of an annual planning phase. Most of the content exists in video, audio and text format (transcripts), so you can consume it in your preferred format. Enjoy. ~CORE MODULES~ MODULE 1 LAUNCH FOUNDATION This is about some of the core elements that make Product Launch Formula so powerful. By the end of this module, you’ll understand the 5 core types of launches (and when to use them), the Sideways Sales Letter, as well as how to use sequences, stories, positioning, and mental triggers to create a great launch. 1 Introduction [4 minutes] 2 Intro to Product Launch Formula [14 minutes] 3 Five Types of Launches [10 minutes] 4 Circle of Awesome [12 minutes] 5 Sequences [11 minutes] 6 Sideways Sales Letter [19 minutes] 7 Launch Conversation [10 minutes] 8 Mental Triggers [17 minutes] 9 The Power of Positioning [7 minutes] 10 The Power of Story [10 minutes] 11 Launch Story Themes [11 minutes] 12 Problem Solution Path [11 minutes] 13 The Alternate Path [4 minutes] MODULE 2 LAUNCH PLAN This [...]