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Rick Mulready – FB Ad Manager – Free Download What If You Could Avoid ALL Of The Mistakes “Most” Facebook™ Ad Managers Make? EVEN IF… You haven’t started your FB ad agency yet (…you’ll get massive traction—fast) You have NO IDEA where to find your first few “ideal” clients (…hmmm what do they even look like?) You’re afraid that you’ll be chained to an ads dashboard and stuck working on your clients’ campaigns every single day (…without the ability to take time off to hang with your family) You have yet to learn EVERYTHING about Facebook™ advertising (…don’t worry—you can achieve “Daaaaamn, you’re good!” results without knowing everything) The FB ADmanager is a “Business-in-a-box” — Everything You Need to Grow Your Ideal Business PLUS LEARN HOW TO: Manage multiple client campaigns confidently (…without going insane in the membrane) Onboard your clients efficiently & extract the most critical information (…in way less time) Set client expectations (…so you’re set up to impress from day one) Hire people, grow your team, delegate, and manage the entire process just like a 100-person agency (…even if you’re flying solo) Get an impressive ROI for all of your clients (…hello, killer case studies) Become an [...]