A Vegan Celebrity Who's *Actually* Vegan | Interview With Comedian Myq Kaplan
with the recent "beyonce vegan debacle," it's easy to lose faith on so-called vegans in the public eye. well, comedian myq kaplan [sic] is the real deal. he's a 2010 last comic standing finalist and has appeared on the tonight show, the late show with david letterman, comedy central presents, conan, and many other places that you might not care about. you can listen to myq’s podcast, hang out with me, on the keith and the girl network. his debut cd, vegan mind meld, was one of itunes’ top ten best-selling comedy albums in 2010, followed by meat robot in 2013 and the upcoming small dork and handsome in 2014. and he needs to update his website bio… [it’s 2015] the most important aspect of myq for our purposes is that he’s vegan, which defines him over everything else he may identify himself by and outshines any other accomplishment he’s ever made