Is A Vegan Diet Vitamin D Deficient? | Dr. Michael Greger of
vitamin d is of course associate with the sun, but with estimates of around 70% of the population being deficient, we’re apparently not getting the exposure we require. now this is an oversimplification of the matter as vitamin d comes in two basic forms: d2 and d3. d2 is present in vegetables and various supplements and d3 is mainly formed from our skin’s exposure to the sun, but is also present in a variety of animal products, like fatty fish and their oils, beef liver, egg yolks, and fortified dairy and grain products. the fortified products, however, have marginal levels for the most part, and are not well regulated. so what’s a vegan, particularly a vegan in non-tropical climates, to do? well, in this fifth video in my nutrient series with nutrition powerhouse dr. michael greger of, we’ll tackled the vitamin d debacle.