When Smart Devices Talk: AI and Fourth Amendment Rights
Artificial intelligence (AI) is woven into the fabric of our everyday lives, whether it is smartphones in our pockets or virtual assistants in our homes or offices. While smart devices aim to make our lives easier, their proliferation raises important questions about privacy. Today there are a wide variety of smart home products available on the market from top technology brands. Simply saying "Ok, Google" or calling out to Amazon's Alexa wakes up the devices from the respective companies. Virtual assistants make themselves useful to us by listening, recording, speaking and collecting a wide variety of information about how we live and work. They adopt predictive capabilities and come to recognize whether our behaviors are consistent with established patterns across various aspects of our lives, such as the route we take from work to home or the types of music we listen to. Like texts and emails, smart devices record and store large quantities of information that is now increasingly