Wearable Tech is Transforming Personal Injury Lawsuits
Discovery and privacy issues complicate cases. Wearable technology is poised to become the next big thing in personal computing technology. The devices record and report massive amounts of personal data, including photos and video. As more Americans adopt the growing technology, wearable technology is becoming an important tool in litigating personal injury lawsuits. Despite George Orwell decades ago cautioning against the dangers of Big Brother in his influential novel 1984, Americans more than ever are embracing smart technology that enables electronic tracking of their every movement. The advent of wearable technology and its potential for enormous growth among U.S. consumers already is transforming how personal injury cases are argued and decided. Examples of wearable technology include: Smart watches; Smart glasses; Fitness trackers; Smart clothing; Smart jewelry; and, Implants. Smart watches are particularly telling when it comes to tracking wearers' activities. The wrist-worn